Use of Images

Images used on this site have been given permission by their owners to be republished on the April Trow Beauty website.  Thanks to HD Brows, CND, Sweet Squared and Nouvatan for their ongoing support and providing a fantastic product range.

CND images supplied by Sweet Squared

Terms & Conditions

for Use of Images & Logos released by Sweet Squared

All Sweet Squared images that are released are trademarked or registered and can therefore only be used by Sweet Squared registered customers for their own business use only.

Logos and images cannot be altered in any way; this means that you cannot alter the logo colour, shape or font in any way – not even to suit your salon decor.  Logos must remain exactly as you have received them.

Any images used on your website and/or service menus must be credited to the respective brand with the following text ‘Image/Images Courtesy of CND™’ or ‘Image/Images Courtesy of Minx Inc’, etc.

CND™ beauty images carry the following restrictions

You cannot use CND™ beauty images in any type of consumer publication or general press. All logos and images are to be used only for marketing purposes to support your business activity.

HD Brows images supplied by HD

The HD Brows brand is copyright and registered so the guidelines are legally binding. Full guidlines can be found here: Brand Guidelines PDF.

All copyrighting from images used on this site will be upheld from the owners themselves.